Quality and Compliance

Quality Assurance (QA) is always used as a method of maintaining the desired quality of the manufactured products by ways of testing the materials and the production process. It is usually detecting and preventing any potential defect in the product at the time of its development. By establishing complete and detailed product specification files, Key-all QA check ensures that the commodity is produced by meeting all its quality and customized requirements.


Quality assurance

Key-all Quality Assurance helps our customers build up the trust of the consumers and stakebolders and thereby increase the credibility of the business in their local market. It also helps to make the production process more efficient and cost saving, so that the on time delivery and competetive sales prices are enssured. As a result of all these, our customers are bound to achieve an edge over its rivals in the local market.



It is essential for the success of our customers' businesses to act responsibly and in complaince with the laws. Key-all helps customers build up their of Compliance Management System in China to make sure no violations of legal regulations. By auditing suppliers and factories we make sure the suppliers are obliged to act responsibly and in compliance with the law, and the products supplied to customers are in accordance to the local standards and norms.


Factory audit

We visit potential suppliers and their factory regularly, to check the capacity and audit the factory.



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